Learn how to give yourself         Learn how to safely and correctly    Learn how to dry skin            Learn how to do a short fast

a gentle stomach massage       set-up a colema board .                        brush the body & face.          during your 7 colon irrigation

that helps break down                 for a 45 minute weight losing             For enhanced elimination    that helps fastens weight loss.

hardened debris.                            sessions.                                                     & skin glow.

    Performing Colon Hydrotherapy  on a seasonal basis contributes            to:

  • Good Food Assimilation
  • Clear Skin
  • Elimination at least 30 min. after eating
  • No problems eliminating
  • Weight maintenance stay slimmed   down all year
  • Toned body with Slant board exercises
  • Improved circulation withdry skin brushing for body/face

   Now,, experience, rapid weight loss and detoxification oyour body in 45 minutes by      learning "How- to" "safely" prepare and create a  seasonal colon hydrotherapy routine.           


The Complete Colon Care Handbook

         Problems associated with              constipation.

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Acne
  • Thinning Hair
  • Slow Metabolism
  • Fatigue
  • Sinus Troubles
  • Lymph Problems
  • Glandular Problems
        The Complete Colon Care Handbook

You don't have to suffer with 'bout's of constipation to learn how to perform

colon hydrotherapy from the comfort of your home.

The Complete Colon Care Handbook will not only show you how to perform

colon hydrotherapy from the comfort of your home  but provide you with a

seasonal guideline that you can use all year long for doing so.

As you learn to safely perform colon hydrotherapy from the comfort of your

home. With every 45 minute session you will enjoy a total body detox in

45 minutes. And not only, will you lose weight but learn how-to tone up with

Slant-board exercises.

The Complete Colon Care Handbook will show you how to correctly

 and safely set-up for colon hydrotherapy!  As taught to Denice Blair a

Graduate of Superior Colonic's in Brooklyn NY.  There's No tricks, No fads,

No dieting! Colon Hydrotherapy or the practice of Internal hygiene has been

around for years!   

Many people pride themselves of the cleanliness of the insides of their cars

or, homes. But give little consideration to what their consuming and cleansing

detoxing from their colons.

Cleaning out your colon regularly and learning to build digestive health is the

difference between staying healthy or being dis-eased.

All you need is  a small investment in a colema board that will last for years.

And this instructional handbook. And as you cleanse years or months of waste

from your system ridding your colon of excess waste! You will turn back the hands of time and the aging process.

You small investment will  give you , years, of stress free weight loss.

and with the change of an enema tip you can help your loved ones as well who

may also need to cleanse and rid themselves of unwanted weight and waste.

You get brief instructions for performing a gentle stomach massage, that help's

to break down any hardened debris that may be lodged in your colon. As well as

 modified Slant board exercises will help tone  up after detox, cleanse out and slim down! 

Sure there are ton's of weight loss programs out here, but none that will assist you

in losing weight, the very same day, while detoxing your body at the same time!

And this is not a weight loss program , even though it can be used to lose weight.

This is a holistic wellness cleansing regimen called , "Internal Hygiene".

Learning to perform colon hydrotherapy from the comfort of your home will not

only enhance your health but that of your loved ones as well, for years to come.

If your suffering with weight problems or any other health concerns go ahead

and learn how to safely perform colon hydrotherapy from the comfort of your home.

And see if the condition does not improve, it will.

Also included, are tips for taking supplement's during your 7 day colon

hydrotherapy sessions, and other helpful tips...,  to get you slimmed down

full of energy on your path to health and wellness-  This will be the ,best,

decision involving your health you ever made -$15.99

 the author Denice Blair (F.N.S.C) - (C.C.C) -is a Health & wellness advisor consulting on colon care, nutrition, and stress management since 1999

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Learn to Prepare Yourself

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About the Author

The author Denice Blair is a fitness, nutrition and stress management consultant who completed studies with Professional Career Institute.

She completed a colon care  course with Superior Colonics in 1999. Since then she has consulted and advised many people on  the importance of good nutrition, techniques for stress management and the how-to's of safely performing colon hydrotherapy at home.

It was her personal experience that many of her client's were performing colon hydrotherapy randomly. There were often quite a few disputes                         with the colon hygienist and clients about their timing for performing colon hydrotherapy sessions. In her handbook Ms. Blair provides her own              borrowed personal qigong seasonal outline to help a person establish a routine. Ms.Blair also includes things she was taught such as:

slant board exercises, and other routines like dry skin brushing for body that stimulates elimination. She also included Dry skin brushing for the                        face to help uplift and improve facial tone and remove facial toxins. Ms.Blair has included other important topic's she feel's are important in

establishing a colon hydrotherapy routine such as: establishing the correct elimination position after colon hydrotherapy, and most importantly,

Creating a routine (in this case a seasonal one).She doesn't believe colon hydrotherapy should be performed randomly. There are other things she has included in her instructional handbook that she feels helps to make this a well rounded practice for performing colon hydrotherapy.

Who is the Complete Colon Care Handbook for ?

The Complete Colon Care Hand Book is for people who have tried every diet and weight loss program and nothing has worked.  If your one of those people, then learning how-to give yourself colon hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home, will result in fast weight loss 3-5 pounds in one 45 minute session and more!

Remove toxins from your system that could pre-maturely age you. Get rid of that extended belly, those love handles

A clean colon, detoxifies the body and slims a waist down!

Learn how to Detoxify & Lose weight Fast!

Learn how to lose weight fast and safely set up with colon hydrotherapy performed from the comfort of your home.  See yourself lose weight  fast season in /season out!   All year long!n

Learn to give yourself a little massage starting from your descending colon to begin breaking down any hardened debris so that you can cleanse it out.

Learn how to correctly and safely  set

up and use a colema board and follow the seasons as perform yourcolon hydrotherapy sessions.

Set your timer to 45 minutes.

Perform your colon Irrigation detoxify and lose 3-5 pounds.

Use the suggested Qigong Outline to follow the seasons. Detoxifying losing weight season in season out.

Learn  fast clean up techniques.

Every 4 months for 7 days "Follow the Seasons" and lose weight for a lifetime !  Discover a New You! 

Give yourself the "Gift" of a clean colon this year.

Before Colon Hydrotherapy.

After Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Health Problems

Constipation & Irregularities

Problems getting into your clothing.

Tiredness & Fatigue.

Skin Disorders

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The Colon Health Solution

Love Handles

Extremely Large Abdomen

Life & Health Begins In The Colon

For the Life time care Of Your colon !